Die neue SmartAPI Version 0.9.1 ist fertig!
erminas freut sich, Ihnen dieses Release mit diversen Bugfixes und Verbesserungen – insbesondere bei der Manipulation von Page Elementen, zur Verfügung stellen zu können.

2012-12-14: Version
- Settings from “Configure Editable Areas” for content classes added
- Better error messages for RQL errors
- API methods/properties can depend on server version (see Headline.IsLanguageIndependent for example)
- Access to referencing/linking in structural elements
- Access to the recycle bin
- Session finds out correct RQL web service address and server version automatically on creation

- Page lists in Project no longer load all available information on pages on first access

- Setting the default/sample text to a already set value in Text content class elements no longer throws an exception
- Access to structural page elements no longer throws an exception
- Setting the value now works as expected on all content page elements
- Better mitigation for race conditions in deletion/removal from recycle bin on the server (current solution is still not perfect)