First a big thank you to our users of RC1 who gave valuable feedback concerning the API!

After user input and internal discussion we came to the conclusion that the current API for accessing content class elements from content classes does not live up to the standards of the rest of SmartAPI and should be improved before the 1.0 release. While you can enjoy a more intuitive API afterwards, it unfortunately means we have to break code currently working with content class elements one last time, before we have a long term support for the whole API. Concretely this means we will switch from a duplication of all content class elements for each language to a single representation of each element which has language dependend attributes where applicable.

To shorten the waiting time for the final 1.0 release, we release a second release candidate today. It includes the new file system API, support for Windows authentication and also contains lots of other small improvements from performance optimization to functionality previously not covered by SmartAPI. As always we’d love to hear about your opinions, bugs you find and feature wishes you might have, to make SmartAPI even better.

2013-07-06: Version (1.0RC2)
- Support for “Replace Content Class” functionality for pages
- Support for content class folder sharing
- Support for Windows authentication in session creation for servers requiring the users the authenticate themselves
- Support for selection of server side session replacement on session creation, if the maximum number of sessions for the user was reached
- Support for “broken” folders which were shared from no longer existing projects
- Workaround for bug in RedDot servers sometimes sending “<EMPTYBUFFER>” instead of real values on locale specific attributes of content classes

- Setting the value of Text page elements now works as expected
- Setting file to null in media page elements now correctly removes the file from the element
- Project import on servers with version 10 now works as expected (other versions had no problems)

- Speedup of loading of subfolders

- New Folder/File-API. Currently supported are File and Asset Manager Folders (and Content Class Folders, but they are not part of the Folders/File-API).
- IMediaElementBase now implements IValueElement<IFile>, so all page elements whose values can be changed now implement IValueElement.