We are happy to announce the immediate availability of version of the erminas SmartAPI:

2013-03-04: Version
- Support for RedDot version 7.5
- Access to archiving/versioning information for projects
- Access to RedDot Live Server/Delivery Server Constraint elements
- Projects can be deleted
- Projects with MS SQL Server backing can be created
- Access to subfolders of file system asset manager folders

- Access to page ids of pages in Project.Pages no longer trigger a page load

- Login with user without “Server Administrator” right now works
- Multiple content classes with the same name in one project work again
- Template variant text now gets (lazy) loaded, if it is accessed through ContentClass.TemplateVariants
- Copying of template variants no longer creates additional whitespaces in the target
- Fixed loading of files in media/image/background page elements
- ContentClass element attributes which reference files in subfolders (e.g. for sample pictures) no longer trigger an exception

- Namespace reorganization in preparation of the API finalization in version 1.0
- Improved Doxygen style for better readability of generated API documentation