We are happy to announce the immediate availability of version of our SmartAPI.
Simulatenously with the new release, we started to provide a NuGet package, so you can automatically update it in the future and don’t have to manage its dependencies manually in your projects.

2015-07-31: Version
- Added support for editing properties other than template content on template variants
- Added Project.ClearPageCache() method
- Add preliminary support for clipboard. Atm only server versions >= 10 are supported and only a limited number of element types
- Added GetValueOrDefault method to standard fields, which returns the content class default value, if the page element has no own value set
- Added support for additional properties on IProjectVariantAssignment
- Made ITransfer an IValueElement with the ability to get/set its value
- Added properties for creation date/last change date and creation user to IPage

- Resolved some problems regarding page workflows, like Page.Workflow always returning null
- Resolved IKeyword.Category returning null, if not accessed through a category
- Adapted SmartAPI to RQL changes in workflow loading in server versions >= 11.2

- NuGet package for SmartAPI now available
- IPage now inherits IProjectObject