We expect the final release of version 1.0 for the end of september.
In the mean time, we have accumulated a lot of small improvements besides the ongoing work on the content class element API.
The new RC3 contains those improvements, so you can benefit from them, too.
As usual, you can see all changes in the changelog below.

2013-08-29: Version (1.0RC3)
- Preliminary-Support for authentication packages (warning: API WILL change with release of 1.0)
- Support for reading and writing OptionList values on pages
- Support for the creation of database Asset Manager folders
- Support for the creation of subfolders
- Support for the deletion of folders
- Acesss to thumbnail path information for asset manager files

- Simple page search by page type now works as expected
- Text element values were not loaded correctly under some circumstances
- Thumbnails for files in assetmanager folders are now updated as expected
- Deletion of files in asset manager folders now work

- Removed additional page loads for access to page ids from an extended page search

- Object model for option list entries
- Introduction of PageElementFactory to be able to access page elements only through their guid again
- Renamed Category.CategoryKeywords to Category.Keywords
- Renamed IPageSearch.HeadlineExact to IPageSearch.IsMatchingHeadlineExactly
- Renamed IPageSearch.KeywordExact to IPageSearch.IsMatchingKeywordExactly