Open Source License

The erminas SmartAPI is released with the GPLv3 license. This means, you can use the source code of the SmartAPI for you and your own project, change it and redistribute. The only limitation is that you need to keep the copyright statements within the source code and software that is based on the SmartAPI must be released under GPLv3 license as well.

We decided to use this license to allow as many developers and companies as possible to make use of this library. If for any reasons you cannot use software licensed under the GPLv3 or you want to use SmartAPI in a project that you cannot distribute licensed under the GPLv3, we also offer a commercial license as desribed below.

You can find information about GPLv3 at the Free Software Foundation: There you also findĀ  FAQ about the GPL

Commercial License

There are situations where you cannot use a GPLv3 license for your project. If you develop a product by using SmartAPI that you do not want to distribute including source code or using GPL-licensed software in your company is not allowed, you cannot use the GPL-licensed library. In these cases we also offer the complete library with a commercial license that you can use.

If you are interested in the commercial license please feel free to contact us.